Sten Levander

sten1Curriculum vitae (March 2015)

Sten Levander, born November 28, 1939, in Stockholm.

BA (psychology, mathematics, philosophy),1972
Clinical specialist in psychiatry, 1978, in forensic psychiatry, 1978.
Ph.D., 1979
Assistant professor of Psychiatry, 1980
Psychodynamic psychotherapy license, 1982
Professor pro tempore at the Karolinska Institute/KS, Stockholm, Sweden, 1984
Professor of psychiatry at the University of Trondheim, Norway, 1985-89
Professor of forensic psychiatry at the University ofTrondheim, Norway, 1990-95
Professor of psychiatry at Lund University, Malmö, Sweden, 1989-2006
Visiting professor, Department of Criminology, Malmö university, Sweden, 2010 and onwards.

Clinically active 1966 and onwards.

As clinician I have published a textbook of psychiatry (Studentlitteratur, 2005 and 2007), and written chapters in many antologies / textbooks.

Recently I have completed five reports on Risk assessments by the police (published by Rikspolisstyrelsen). I have just written an education text on Psychiatry for the police (appr 90 pages) which will be published by Rikspolisstyrelsen in 2015.

Over the years I have been very active in respect of the ”Third mission”, i.e., mass media communication.

I have tutored ten MD/PhD students. I am currently the main tutor of two students on the doctorate leval.


Levander, S. (1979). Psychophysiologic differentiation within criminal groups: an approach to the study of psychopathy. M.D. thesis, Stockholm.

In retrospect, this thesis and its eight separate reports, provided a firm theoretical and clinical basis for the new conceptualization of the psychopathy concept and diagnosis, then controversial – particularly in Sweden, today self-evident and fully accepted.


International publications over six decades (sample)

I have published 100+ papers in international journals, streched over six decades, covering many (too many?) themes: this is a sample up to 2015. My main research areas during the last decade has been clinical patient-oriented research on schizophrenia and other neuropsychological disorders, and criminology.

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Publications 2009 and onwards (fairly complete)

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